Nome do projeto: COST: Ação IC 1208 Integrating devices and materials: a challenge for new instrumentation in ICT

Unidade Orgânica: ESES

Entidade Promotora: EU programme

Âmbito do projeto: This Action addresses the critical challenge of providing new devices for Information and communication Technologies (ICT) applications running from sensors to photonics and optoelectronics. Traditional materials – such as liquid crystals – and devices – such as acoustic resonators – are now showing new and improved functionalities when combined with nanostructured materials. This leads to innovative devices, which broaden the horizon of the applications in many areas, from health
(bio- and diagnostic sensors) to optical communications and photonics (reconfigurable optics, displays). Interdisciplinarity and improved use of knowledge are essential for undertaking challenges in the design of new devices derived from new materials. The action will develop new ideas for functional materials and devices in these areas and innovative training curricula for professionals and scientists that encourage an integrated approach to the design and implementation of breaking new devices for photonics, materials engineering (e.g. multiferroic ceramics) and sensor areas.

Natureza da Participação: Parceiro

Parceiros: Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Lithuania; Malta; Norway; Poland; Romania; Serbia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; United Kingdom

Duração: 3 anos

Data de início: 04-03-2013

Responsável: Maria Potes Barbas

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